Come on Baby Blue
Shake up your tired eyes
The world is waiting for you
May all your dreaming fill the empty sky
But if it makes you happy
Keep on clapping
Just remember I'll be by your side
And if you don't let go it's gonna pass you by

let there be love

my secret is your heart.
Hi my lovely friends,I'm hope :)
Today I'll write in English. know my English is poor ;P
heheh,please bear with me☆

By the way,I got happen....yep,it's just like "rolling stone"!(of course I understand real meaning!....perhaps.) Maybe....I can't cry now.Because.........I don't mind it. :]
Don't worry,I'm all right.Perhaps I already understood it.

Sorry,"It" is secret,don't ask please ;)x

Now I listen to "Island In The Sun" from Weezer.I'm always healed to it when I'm so sad.Rivers's voice is so sweet to me.I like him voice and lyric :)

I'm a woman but I'm a human.People often say to me,"You are like a man! I can't feel woman from you." Yeah,I think so :) Because I don't think myself "woman". I'm "human"!!
But I fall in love with alone sometimes! ;P
Sometimes I become woman,huhuhuhuhu~♪

ummmm......Today my message is strange.yap,I'm sure.
thanks my friends,I send my big love & big smile as always ;)x

love as always
hope xxx
by hope0402 | 2007-04-27 02:58 | 生活
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